We all know that facewipes and soap deyhydrate the skin and dehydration accelerates aging. JUST ME is a natural way to remove makeup, no soaps or facewipes. Just add water! JUST ME removes all makeup including, but not limited to, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, facepaint and mud masks. What's even better is that JUST ME is reusable. Simply rinse and reuse. Can be washed in a washing machine but please don't tumbledry. JUST ME is manufactured  to the highest standards and imported into Australia and around the world.

How do make-up remover cloths work?

The key difference between these make-up remover cloths and regular washcloths is surface area. The dense pile is made of many small threads, so there are a lot more threads in cloth than if they were normal sized. Surface area is important for a few reasons:

1. Friction. To lift the make-up from the skin, the fibres need to grip onto the make-up and pull it off. The greater the surface area, the more grip and friction each wipe will have without you having to push down so hard – instead of 5 large fibres going over a particular area, you get 50 fibres. It’s like with shoes – a shoe with a perfectly flat sole is going to have worse grip than a shoe with a ribbed sole, which has a better surface area. This means the cloth will remove more make-up with less irritation.

2. More thorough cleaning. Smaller fibres can get into cracks too small for normal cloths, and can get under finer particles of make-up.

3. Adsorption. If there’s enough friction, the make-up will lift off the skin, but then it’ll just be smeared around unless the cloth can grab onto it. Luckily, at a molecular level, everything is quite sticky with adhesive forces (technical term: van der Waals forces). Because there are so many fibres, these cloths can bind to dirt and hold it better than a normal cloth.

Geckos can walk on glass for the same reason – their toes are ribbed to give them a higher surface area, so they have stronger adhesive van der Waals forces with the glass, making them grip. Adding warm water to the removal process helps loosen make-up as well.